Bringing better Mental Health to a wider audience.


Poor Mental Health is a problem that directly effects 1 in 4 of us every year. As with all things I believe prevention is better than cure. As such, I’ve developed an adaptable workshop to provide attendees with a flexible foundation of ideas and tools with an aim to improve self-care and mental health autonomy.

The workshop is formatted to make it as interactive and subjective to the audience as possible. I believe the best solutions to our Mental Health come from within ourselves. The ideas I put forward will allow you to create informed solutions for your own mental wellbeing. You’ll learn a greater understanding of how the brain and body can influence people’s interactions with you. This will strengthen your resilience and afford you the ability to not internalise and ruminate on every fault or conflict.

It is my firm belief that anyone can benefit from this workshop and it can be delivered to any industry, company, charity, school, University or simply a like-minded group looking to understand more about themselves and improve their daily life. The foundation workshop is 1 hour and can be delivered to groups ranging from 2 or 3 to hundreds of people, though 25-50 tends to be the most effective for a larger group.

If you would like an overview of the course material, to organise a workshop or for any other enquiries concerning the course please contact to receive an affordable quote that will fit your group’s needs.