We all need help at some point.

We can all get into trouble at times. Either we ignore the small things until they overwhelm us, or something so unbearable happens that it can seem too much to handle alone.

Perhaps things have grown out of hand, or there's a general sense of something not being quite right. A niggling doubt in the background that becomes a constant worry.

We might only start to notice something's wrong when these struggles evolve into anxiety, depression or panic attacks. Other common symptoms are poor quality sleep, diminished physical health (e.g. head aches, break outs of skin conditions & digestive distress), changes in appetite and strained relationships  We can lose our ability to enjoy ourselves. Our hobbies and social lives take more energy and feel less rewarding. We can become preoccupied with dwelling on past mistakes or anticipating future failures.

We all have innate coping strategies. When these stop working, or even turn against us and become destructive it can leave us bereft and hopeless.

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and comfortable space where you can discuss these or any other issues you may have. There is no problem too great or small that, given time and the right help, cannot be worked with.